Emu Feather Mount
Emu Feather Mount
Emu Feather Mount
Emu Feather Mount

Emu Feather Mount

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Add a little extra flair to your favourite headwear!

These feathers are glued, tied, and bound with florist's tape for a good strong mount - this will ensure you never lose a feather from your cap! Simply tuck under the band of you hat and off you go.

If concerned about high winds or rough hands, a little stitch or a touch of craft glue at the tip will help secure your mount for the long-term.

Made in-house at Brisbane Hatters using feathers sources from a local Queensland emu farm, each mount is hand made and unique. Photos are examples only.

’Small’ mounts contain 10-12 soft body feathers and are approximately 15cm long.

’Large’ mounts contain 6-10 wiry tail feathers and are approximately 25cm long.

Requests for size/length are welcome and will be accomodate where possible, but may incur an extra cost if custom mounts are required.

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