Hat filler to make a hat smaller

Adhesive Hat Filler - 8 pack

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Perfect for adjusting almost any hat to a perfect fit.

Sometimes an old hat just doesn't feel right, or your new Akubra needs some time to break-in...

For temporary re-sizing, simply tuck as many padding pieces as required under the sweatband of your hat. For a more permanent adjustment, remove the paper backing and adhere under the sweatband where needed.

We do not recommend sticking the padding directly to the outside of the sweatband (the side that touches your skin), as it can be tricky to remove, and will leave a sticky residue on the leather. Tricky AND sticky? Bad combination when it comes to hats...

Each pack contains 8x Adhesive padding strips, 11cm x 2.5cm and approx. 3mm thick.

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