Akubra Riverina - Loden

Akubra Riverina - Loden

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The Riverina is a relatively new addition to the Akubra family, and since it's introduction in 2011, it has gone down a treat. An extra-wide brim makes sure you're always covered: rain, hail or shine. The Riverina also features eyelets for airflow, and a definite Australian feel, as opposed to it's similarly broad-brimmed cousins who tend to be more Western.


  • 102mm cut brim
  • Ventilation eyelets
  • Genuine leather braided band 
  • Genuine leather sweatband
  • Made in Kempsey, Australia

Fabric: 100% Rabbit fur felt, unlined

For general care tips, please see our HAT CARE page. 

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from photographs.