angle view of Akubra Campdraft hat in black

Akubra Campdraft - Black

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Brisbane Hatters is incredibly proud to offer a range of specially made Akubra Campdraft hats with an open crown! Shape them as you like, and in an instant, your new hat can be a country or city as you'd like it to be.

If purchasing this hat online, please include in the notes if you would like it delivered unblocked, or whether you would like it shaped a particular way. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for blocking options!


  • 73mm bound brim
  • Ribbon with a narrow bow
  • Genuine leather sweatband
  • Made in Kempsey, Australia

Fabric: 100% Rabbit fur felt, satin lining

For general care tips, please see our HAT CARE page. 

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from photographs.