Our Story


Brisbane Hatters was established in 2018 with the aim of bringing a little extra old-world charm back to Brisbane, as well as providing this fine city with the best selection of traditional and modern hats that the Sunshine State has ever seen.

You'll have your choice of brands from all over the world including Irish tweeds, French berets, Ecuadorian panamas and Greek fisherman's caps, as well as hats from a little closer to home, including Hills Hats of New Zealand and of course a huge range of Australian made Akubra hats.

In the new year, Brisbane Hatters will also be providing a Repairs, Alterations and Customisation service, including the opportunity to have a custom, handmade hat designed for you by our Manager and in-house Hatter, Tess Ebinger.

We will always strive to provide the best tailored service for every person that comes through our doors, whether they be a first time hat wearer, or a well-worn hat fanatic. We hope to see you soon!

Brisbane Hatters

- Styled to the Brim -